Intergenerational event to promote wellbeing

At John Muir Alpacas near Dunbar, a very special day unfolded as we welcomed nearly 60 adult and young carers for a remarkable intergenerational experience. This event, organised jointly by East Lothian Council’s Young Carers Service and Carers of East Lothian, aimed to promote positive wellbeing and understanding among carers of different age groups.

Together, we embarked on an adventure with the alpacas, trekking through a picturesque woodland and beach. The alpacas helped bring joy and foster a shared understanding of the caregiving journey.

Jacki, an unpaid adult carer who attended the event described the day as ingenious, pushing her beyond her comfort zone while providing an invaluable realisation that countless others share similar caring roles. For her, she said it was one of the best days of her life.

Carers of East Lothian extends support to those who look after a family member or friend in East Lothian. Their dedication to creating unique experiences and fostering connections is truly commendable.

We at John Muir Alpacas feel privileged to have been part of such a special day. The power of these gentle and compassionate creatures, combined with the camaraderie of carers coming together, created an unforgettable experience that touched the hearts of all involved.

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