Have questions? You’re in the right place!

The alpacas are here to answer anything you need to know. They can’t operate a computer but will happily help you plan the perfect day with your friends and family!

Are the alpacas friendly?

Yes! Alpaca are very inquisitive and quite timid by nature.  They are also much smaller, and more approachable than their big cousin, the Llama!

Do you have to be a certain age to take part?

Yes, you should be over the age of 14 to take one of our alpacas out on the main treks. If you are between the age of 8-14 you’re welcome to tag along beside an adult during the trek at no extra charge. We don’t allow more than one child and adult to an alpaca however, in the interest of wellbeing for the animals. We’re now doing kids mornings for under 8’s so you can join in too! Please see our kids mornings and mini treks for those preferring a shorter walk. Please note all children must be accompanied by an adult.

How much does a trek cost?

It costs £20 per person for the main treks, and £10 per person for the kids sessions and mini treks.

How many people can go trek per alpaca?

For the wellbeing of our animals we can only allow 1 adult per alpaca but 1 child aged 8-14 may walk alongside each paying adult at no extra charge. For families with younger children, or if you have more than one child per adult and want them all to take part we now run kids sessions and mini treks for groups of all ages and abilities.

Can we visit the alpacas without booking?

For bookings please be sure to book your time here on our calendar before coming along to meet the alpacas, so they know to come out and greet you!

How do we find you?

Please book your preferred date and time on our calendar to meet the alpacas.

We are a by booking only tourism destination, just near Dunbar in East Lothian. If you book here we will be in touch so you can easily find us!

Can I book a trek alone?

If you are a single person booking an alpaca trek, please can you email us to book alongside an existing booking, as alpacas are herd animals and prefer not trekking alone!

I have heard about the kids sessions! How do I book my child on one?

By popular demand we are now running kids sessions with the alpacas! The format of this is tailored for a younger audience and is run in an enclosed field rather than along the John Muir Way. Please book here to bring your child on kids session (these typically run for 1 hour, and an adult should accompany them).

Why do alpacas hum?

Alpacas hum for lots of reasons! It can be when they are curious, content, bored, sometimes worried, or just being cautious.

Does the weather affect if you trek at all?

We always trek when possible even in bad weather, this is Scotland after all and it tends to rain a wee bit! The alpacas don’t mind a bit of light rain but if the wind is too strong or if it’s pouring outside, they prefer to shelter indoors! If the weather is too bad and we can’t make it out, all bookings will be subject to cancellation and rescheduling.

Do Alpacas spit like Llamas?

Typically no, they have a much sunnier disposition than your average Llama!

However they are animals after all, so you should expect all kinds of animal behaviour. This may include pooping, humming, eating, spitting etc…. 🙂

What sort of clothing and footwear should I bring?

Please dress according to the weather, we’ll be going off the beaten track, so wellies are a great option!

Do you have accessible toilet facilities?

Yes we have both a standard female and gents toilet facilities, along with wheelchair accessible toilet facilities.

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry dogs are not allowed on our alpaca walks! The alpacas are a bit jumpy around them and their wellbeing is our top priority.

 If you have any further questions or feedback please click here to send us an instant message and we’ll be more than happy to help.