After taking out more than one thousand treks since launching, we were honoured to hear TripAdvisor awarded us a Travellers Choice Award! Not long after such a historic worldwide health crisis, that caused us and most of the country to close, what a welcome surprise and an amazing boost to receive when emerging from a countrywide lockdown which affected each and every one of us deeply.

Thank you so much to all our amazing customers over the last 2 years who took the time out of their busy lives to leave us an amazing review and help spread the word about this wonderful place and amazing group of animals!

Since re-opening slowly, and welcoming back small groups of trekkers along the John Muir Way to walk with the alpacas, the support and encouragement we received from you and seeing all of the good the alpacas have done for people has been amazing.

Seeing everyone from charities bringing groups of vulnerable children coming out of lockdown, to families with wee babies in their slings and spending quality up-close time with these majestic animals, it has made us very proud and given us the fuel we need every day to keep growing. We have been honoured to play a small part in helping people get a little ray of sunshine back in their days with so much pain going on in the world.

We would just like to say huge, heartfelt thanks to all of our customers – it’s through your support and encouragement and the fact you keep coming back that we are able to keep going, and raising these wonderful and lovable animals in this part of Scotland.

We are looking forward to seeing you again soon! ❤️


Until then… hello from Loch Ness Berty!

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